The Truth Behind Satoshi Nakamoto

The truth about Satoshi Nakamoto is that he is not the creator of Bitcoin or at least he is not a man of Asian descent who lives in California. Now the person who made up the name Satoshi Nakamoto was either of Asian descent or intelligent enough to create a name with meaning, maybe hoping that one day someone would figure out what the creator of Bitcoin meant to say to the people using his creation to revolutionize modern handling of currency all across the globe.

The name “Satoshi” means three things one is quick witted one is clear thinking, and the last one is wise. So the Bitcoin creator thought he was wise or did he just make up the name? I don’t believe it is hard for anyone to believe that the creator of BTC was a smart person, and therefore, I think the name was intentional and that maybe “Satoshi Nakamoto” was trying to relay a message.

So if this were a clue to who the real creator of Bitcoin you may be wondering what does Nakamoto mean well it means someone who is of central origin or born in the middle. That could mean he is the essential part of the world, or he is a middle son. So while these two clues don’t exactly scream out who Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin is it does show the guy was very smart not that leading an industry that didn’t exist that much before he doesn’t also prove that same fact.

I thought it would be fun to go with some news about Satoshi Nakamoto. The name and maybe other smarter than me Bitcoin enthusiasts can use these two clues and find more to who the real Bitcoin creator is because it is still a mystery and all good mysteries deserve to be solved, at least that is what I believe.


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