Top Ten Reasons To Invest In Bitcoin Today

Number 1 Reason: Two companies with a combined network of $440,000,000,000 or 440 Billion dollars are either using cryptocurrency investing options to get into Bitcoin or using the popularity of Bitcoin and investing in Alt Coins. Who are these companies you may be thinking well one is Amazon who has recently stated that they will be purchasing in tech investments when the prices go down a little bit and is more reasonable. Along with Google, Ventures starting to invest in the OpenCoin an Alt cryptocurrency. If online superstars worth that much cold hard USD are investing in cold hard storage for cryptocurrency you can see why people should start investing in Bitcoin.

Number 2 Reason: Companies are saying Bitcoin is currently undervalued the company that stated this was a banking company its name is Needham & Company. If a banking institution is saying that Bitcoin is minimized and they are being basically taken over by Bitcoin that sure says that this is a good investment and banks aren’t usually one to make false claims.

Number 3 Reason: When you want to cash in your Bitcoin you have invested in you can mark it up for a percent. Besides the normal value of Bitcoin which is pushing $400+ most websites that offer the sale of Bitcoin like for example LocalBitcoins, you can sell Bitcoin at a 10-30% markup and still sell the Bitcoin fast. That means you are earning an extra cash just for selling the Bitcoin and 30% is nothing to scoff at.

Number 4 Reason: When spending Bitcoin online there are low fees. So since you are investing in Bitcoin and buying it up that doesn’t mean you are not spending any of it. So one great reason to invest is the average $0.04 transfer fee that will currently get your transaction through the Blockchain. rather quickly.

Number 5 Reason: Bitcoin has doubled within the last 15 months. Yes, which investment that you currently have has the money actually increased by 100% or over? Not many I would bet and Bitcoin is currently more stable than Gold prices. When choosing an investment a return on investment is important and with Bitcoin you can get those heavy returns.

Number 6 Reason: Bitcoin is helping poor nations have  a good currency and helping people worldwide in charity events. If you are charitable not only the above reason of 100% returns should make you happy but the BTC movement has helped charities and countries that need it so maybe you should help it by helping keep the market stable by purchasing up some Bitcoins.

Number 7 Reason: Bitcoin is so easy to understand a caveman could do it. Well, a caveman that could read English. While some people are afraid of Bitcoin’s technical words and such all these words can be Google’d for definition and also, most of this stuff about BTC is easy to understand. I personally have learned by myself within a day how to use and purchase Bitcoin. The quick answer to any question can be found by just Googling it.

Number 8 Reason: You will have control of when you enter or leave the market. Some, dare I say most investments involve paying an investment manager and them putting your money into something that they take out over a set amount of time. With Bitcoin you save the money you would spend on an investment manager and you can pull out of the market at any time.

Number 9 Reason: Bitcoin has gone from being worthless to be worth $400 plus today, they must be doing something right. If you are unsure how Bitcoin got to where it is some research would help you find out the facts you would like to know. What I know about Bitcoin and how it’s gaining momentum is more and more people are using it and that is causing demand to go up and that helps the price of the supply.

Number 10 Reason: You will regret if you don’t get into a market that is starting to plow through the roof with value. If you would have thought hey maybe I should have bought shares in the dot-com giant Google when it first allowed people to and then had shares today wouldn’t you be happy and proud you got in on such an amazing thing? Well, that is how the Bitcoin market is going to be people who got in early like that have already happened are going to get a good amount of cash while people who don’t are going to be paying cash to get in later.

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