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The team has decided to do something amazing, something I just see for the first time, but that happened in 2015. Let me give you the low down it is quite simple you can complete a survey by Bitcoins In Ireland for a chance to win 0.05 in Bitcoin. You have this opportunity, and if you haven’t got your survey in yet, you have until May 5th, 2016 to do the study and five people who submitted their Bitcoin address when completing this survey will get 0.05 Bitcoin. That is a good amount of Bitcoin granted there is no guaranteeĀ it but it, is worth the time trust me I took the survey and entered into the raffle at the end and am happy I did.

Why would you take a survey from a Bitcoin website when they don’t promise to pay you not even 1 Satoshi? Well, the truth of the matter is most sites will pay you from 100 to 2,000 Satoshi or maybe more to complete a Bitcoin survey or a random survey, and this only helps put money into advertisers pockets and fills your inbox with spam, trust me I’ve tried it.

But when you do the survey from Bitcoins In Ireland you will be helping the Bitcoin community and people outside the BTC world understand what we Bitcoin enthusiasts are all hyped about Bitcoin about, and that will bring more people into Bitcoin and raise prices. So if you want the price of BTC to go up, or you just want to help out the Bitcoin community, I would suggest taking this survey.

On a side note, I was note paid to write this; I felt it was needed news for the Bitcoin community, and my readers would appreciate the chance to get BTC. Oh yeah and for those of you that got this far, the final drawing which will be of all people who submitted their BTC address at the end of the 30ish question survey will win 0.500 BTC. Yep half a Bitcoin now that was worth a good read wasn’t it?

Go ahead and check out the survey right here at Bitcoins In Ireland:

The International Bitcoin Survey 2016 – English

The part where it says Click To Do #Bitcoin Survey 2016 is what you need to click. Enjoy the chance at earning 0.500 or 0.05 both which are Satoshi amounts that should not have fun poked in their direction. Also, one last thing readers Bitcoins In Ireland lets all of the information out there for people to see and this is the purpose of this survey to help the BTC community.

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