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Who besides myself is sick of the never ending doom and gloom or lies that media companies like FOX and CNN are pushing and even Yahoo. I mean if you are just going to post something that is an opinion at least make sure people know from beginning to end that is what it is. Yahoo recently published an article saying “Bitcoin was dead” or something similar along those lines. In this article, it said one tech investor was not paying attention to Bitcoin any longer and also, a wire transfer service believed that Bitcoin was dead, and just a gold rush that people got into, and some people were able to “get lucky.”

Now let me explain why a wire transfer service that in that same article said they were promising low fees and fast service would not like to see Bitcoin succeed for those of you that don’t have opinions formed yourself about why here are my 2 cents. Of course a company which charges from 0.7% minimum to 2% just on their prices page now correct me if I am wrong but that is a good % and on a $400 transfer that would be at least $2.80 and at most just on the claims of what the wire service TransferWise has on the how much does it cost page is $8.00.

I have transferred $400 in Bitcoin a time or two, and it cost me 0.0001 Bitcoin using the web Bitcoin online wallet. That is a big amount of USD right? No, it is 4 cents. So I paid 4 cents, and they want me to pay 70 times that with their service on their lowest fee charge, now you can see why TransferWise was so quick to say “Bitcoin is dead” because he has a vested interest in doing so.

I was fine with the article up to that point but to tell one investor when investors come in daily and out daily of markets for a variety of reasons isn’t paying attention to Bitcoin anymore so maybe it is dead sickens me. I wonder how much got paid to publish that “Finance” article.

The mainstream media has done a ton of lying about Politics to and is covering shady people in the current U.S. elections. For example, Hillary Clinton who is a media darling admits to having a private email server and doesn’t see how she could get in trouble at all. Well, go talk to a lawyer Miss Clinton because I have read that just storing confidential government documents on a private server was not only against the rules aka law of the United States but saving them anywhere that could be attacked and is without government security is negligence which is a felony.

I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes including the Democrats, but some Democrat supporters want Bernie Sanders in who has won state after state but is still unable to win because the “super delegates” are chosen by the party and were selected for Hillary Clinton. Now how did the news media lie? They say there is no chance at Hillary Clinton going to jail over these charges and no possibility of an indictment. But sure as the sun comes up in the morning they are angering the FBI, and the FBI or some people within the FBI are leaking information that the case against Hillary Clinton is strong and lawyers worldwide are saying only a dishonest FBI wouldn’t indict Hillary Clinton.

I’m all for freedom of the press but if you are going to out and out lie to the American or any other people that have rights such as the American people have with the above kinds of disinformation then I believe it should be a criminal offense. As some individuals who work from day to day only have time to watch the news for a few hours before going to sleep so they can get back to work are getting their heads filled with nonsense and someone has got to do something or Americans are going to be brainwashed by corporate media interest.


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