Litecoin LTC

Litecoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that are well known and seem to be good investments. The thing is I remember when maybe 1 year and a half year or less ago people talking about Bitcoin going back to $50 and now it’s in the higher thousands.

Litecoin is used for many things one of those things are purchasing items online and another thing is used for gambling on certain sites across the internet. A simple search for Litecoin casino and you won’t be surprised at what you get a good size of casinos bringing you a wide opportunity of games to play.

Investing in this particular coin is an interesting thought because it is at around $86 per at the moment and could be going higher with more investors moving to have more money in different cryptocurrencies which would bring more interest and more price per Litecoin. Watch out when you invest in Litecoin as it could make you rich.


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