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With tons of internet hackers, you really need to be thinking about keeping the cryptocurrency you have in a safe place. Some people think hackers are like some orders of law but in fact, they are criminals that need to be shut down. Anytime someone gets hacked they should report it to there area of police as there are exploring and increasing fields of people who handle that type of crime.

One other of an aspect about people getting your coin is the place you keep it there are several ways to keep cryptocurrencies and the best option is to put your coin in a cold wallet to your thumb drive, think also of computer wallets that stay on your computer.

What do you want to wait for getting inside of cryptocurrency? There are lists out there with running stats all the time but the reason I don’t suggest using all of them is that you will see different prices that may be confusing. Just mainly raising your percentage of earnings is to buy in small cryptocurrencies and watch them rise.

Bitcoin itself a while ago was only worth $250-$500 now worth 6,000 plus or more. There are other cryptocurrencies going up what I think about the ups and downs is that everyone doesn’t put enough thought of times it was very much lower than the 6k+ and that Bitcoin is the only coin out there.

On a low safety one, in my opinion, is using an online cryptocurrency wallet. This is because you can lose your cryptocurrency URL at some sites like and most everyone does not have to get other things back when they lose it unless you are personal knowing the staff or owner.

Shaping up these investment ideas here and what wallets are good to use is good just remember to keep your money safe and take the proper care of the cryptocurrency and keep all your password and all security to a thumb drive and you will be doing all right.

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