How To Get Bitcoins Free

I just recently got into Bitcoin, and the first thing I was doing was looking for how to get Bitcoins free. I know several ways now how to get free Bitcoin, and these techniques will be explained to you right here remember this information is how to get Bitcoins free. The first way is to join and do some surveys and free special offers to earn Listia points and doing that you can then use the Listia points that you have made for free to buy Bitcoins in auctions which are one good method of how to get Bitcoins free. That is a good way to get a decent amount of Bitcoin not much, but a few $1’s worth to get you started.

One more ways to get free Bitcoin is going to a faucet and visiting back every time you can when it is allowed to get free Bitcoins. The faucet I would recommend is this one There are many out there, and I will put together a list of these free faucets later but for now, you can just go to this one.  These two ways to get free Bitcoin are important and a good way to get free Bits. Another way to get free Bitcoins is to be helpful on Reddit and people will tip you Bitcoins sometimes, and this method is perfect for how to get Bitcoins free. Just sign up for an account at Reddit and go to the /r/Bitcoin section and you will be on the way to earning free Bitcoins and learning more about Bitcoins as well.

The last way to get free Bitcoins is to look for places that offer surveys in exchange for Bitcoins. Some places do this, but it seems it is hard to do the surveys for me because I don’t appear to qualify for all of the polls. Maybe you do, and maybe you will be able to earn Bitcoin by doing them. That will be a good way to make money they do pay $0.25 in dollars and $2 for each survey, but it seems the time it takes to do the study makes it not worth doing it at all.

Keep these methods in mind when looking for how to get free Bitcoin because these methods work I have used them, and they are great! So check it out and have fun getting your first free “Bits.”


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