Girls Gone Bitcoin The Hotties Of The BTC World

So you may not have heard of it yet, but there is a Reddit channel you can visit by going to /r/GirlsGoneBitcoin on Reddit. I just found this today and thought it would be an interesting news story of how women are empowered and showing off their bodies and not worrying about stigma of what others think so without further waiting here is one of the women from Girls Gone Bitcoin:

What’s more hot than a woman sucking a bottle of spirits? I think it’s  sexy, but I edited out the nipples as many of my readers are probably under the age. Hopefully, this amazing picture does not offend anyone.

In the past women were called “Whores” and still are to this day for displaying themselves online but women have put their thoughts and bodies into the eyes of people worldwide who would like to see them and in return they are getting Bitcoins. Jealous that women are getting all the attention but if a woman wants to see a man naked it is not that hard for them to do so.

I am thinking of trying one of these services nothing wrong with seeing an excellent woman while I am online and since I work online that is all the time. Have you ever tried a Bitcoin cam girl service? Or would you try a BTC cam girl service? I think it’s a smart move for the women and a smart way to cover some extra bills while in college and not in class and would help get more people spending cryptocurrency instead of just hoarding it waiting for it to move up.

Hope you liked this news story and if you have any thoughts or reviews on a BTC cam girl service, please feel free to comment below and your comment will be approved if it is not spam.

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