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FortuneJack is a Bitcoin casino that offers a wide number of games one of the games FortuneJack offers is Poker, and another is dice. Don’t feel like playing some poker at the moment? Well, then you can try slots or even BlackJack.

I have played some on FortuneJack, and it was fun so if you like having a good time make sure you try out the games at FortuneJack by clicking the banner above. Of course, the games, there are not cheated like some casinos for Bitcoin, but they are provably fair.

Having a hash for each competition I know takes up some server resources, but it is worth it and shows FortuneJack’s loyalty to the community of Bitcoin gamblers. When an online Bitcoin casino shows up and doesn’t have a provably fair notice odds are you are being cheated and or stolen from by the casino holder.

I usually don’t review such casinos, but even I make mistakes, but I will try to keep all the gambling games on this website provably fair as I think that is a good industry standard to keep and don’t want any of my readers to get scammed by a shady casino. You can trust the gambling sites mentioned here at Bitcoin Spies, and if you ever suspect or have a story of being cheated by any casino site from my postings, please post it, and I will review your claim and if proven right remove the review of that site.

I like rolling dice but much prefer craps to dice roll games some people like dice roll games, but that isn’t my cup of tea. What I like about FortuneJack is the poker element and the slot machines those are always fun for me, but every gambler is different. Have a good time at FortuneJack and share your experience with them by commenting below.

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