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There are people all across the globe looking to earn Bitcoins, and there are ways to so here goes something to help you all get some Bitcoins. First off:

Visit Bitcoin Faucets To Earn Bitcoins:

There is a Bitcoin Faucet List <– click there. That is a list of Bitcoin Faucets that pay in Satoshi (parts of Bitcoins), and that is how to earn Bitcoins visit those sites as much as you want and get free Bitcoin from them, you won’t get a ton, but this is an excellent way to get your first bits.

Second off visit FreeBits:

Yeah, there is a place on Reddit currently called FreeBits <– click there to go to FreeBits section on Reddit. There are things you can do there for Free Bits or Satoshi as the bits, and there are also random giveaways of free Satoshi. So now you have two ways to get free Bitcoins.

Now for lucky number three to get free Bitcoins:

You can work for it if you are a graphic designer, coder or writer you can earn Bitcoins on a forum BitcoinTalk.org. At BitcoinTalk.org, There are some jobs posted daily, and the pay is good in BTC or Bitcoins and can be higher paying as when you work you get a reward, and that is the case in anything in life.

Number four for earning Bitcoin:

Get your check transferred partially into Bitcoins you can do this by using a Bitcoin Exchange. Make sure you try to get it at a fair price, but exchanges are a right place but are not hacker proof. Often not instant so if you want it faster check out Virwox.com the first exchange is 24-48 hours or more but after that it is instant it takes around 10-15% fee, though.


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