Craig Wright Sorry I’m Not Satoshi

There were a number of events which lead me to believe that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto but the latest development in the story has caused me to revoke this belief completely. What happened was the supposed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright has put out a public post stating that he is sorry for trying to end the anonymity of his self and that Craig had “broke” and will not continue to provide more proof of the claims that he has made.

This clearly shows that there is no further proof that Craig Wright could bring to the table that would provide him the claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto to be true and that the facade he put on was clearly a lie.

I guess I was hoping for the creator of the best currency ever to be put out to be pointed out but really am happy that this guy who seemed to not even be able to hold himself together in an interview or a meeting is not the actual creator of Bitcoin.

There have been several people online news columnists that have said why does it matter who created Bitcoin as all of us are now the ones who make it grow. But with a good news line comes news so there will probably be more “Satoshi Nakamoto’s” in this world to come out for the Bitcoin community to disprove.

The point is Satoshi didn’t see it as something that was wanted to do to come out with the identity of himself when this person was actively engaged in helping Bitcoin grow so why would Satoshi decide to do it now when there is no see-able connection between Nakamoto and Bitcoin anymore besides that there is the name Satoshi on parts of Bitcoin.

Time will tell if Satoshi Nakamoto wants the claim to fame of being the Bitcoin creator or the estimated millions in holding in the Bitcoin wallets owned by Satoshi. My thoughts o this are that if Satoshi was alive no one would let millions slip through there fingers.

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