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When wanting Bitcoins to USD, there are a few options. I am going to explain these options of Bitcoins to USD in this post, so you know how to get Bitcoins transferred into USD. These are just some of the available options that you can choose from, and if there are any I missed, please help the Bitcoin Spies readers by commenting below on a way to transfer Bitcoins to USD.

First option: Go to and open up a currency trade thread and sell the Bitcoin for USD. Do not accept all forms of payment make sure you cover yourself by only allowing forms of payment that cannot reverse.  This option is ok, but there is a fee % involved, and you will have to use escrow for the first transaction. If you are new to because no one is going to trust a new account so you will probably pay a 1% fee along with a percentage fee for getting the Bitcoins transferred to USD.

Second option: Go to a currency exchange website that will buy our Bitcoins for USD and they will charge a fee, but this option usually has the security of a website behind it and that way you don’t get jacked. Keep in mind there is a risk with any option but the risk is significantly reduced with this option.

These options above are ways to get Bitcoins to USD easily I am sure there are more options and would love to hear from my readers on what they think the other options are. I have tried option #1 and got scammed so be careful there seem to be shady people out there so make sure you use escrow. I didn’t and lost $10.00 USD.

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