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A Bitcoin wallet is a place to store the Bitcoin that you own. When storing Bitcoin, it costs nothing to have an account at for example, but it does cost to transfer funds a small fee in my opinion. It is usually .0001 or higher. There are many other wallets out there, but is one of the more popular Bitcoin wallets. When you are choosing a Bitcoin wallet you should know are there any other features that you need to get going and what those things are.

For example, some people prefer multiple digital currency wallets and that is fine, but some people prefer a Bitcoin wallet because Bitcoin is where the most money is at right now and it has been this way for quite a long time.  Bitcoin was at $120 the other week (last week) and is now at $230+, so anyone who invested when it was at $120 has made some serious money!

Bitcoin Spies is here to help you realize that Bitcoin is a good investment, and that Bitcoin can be better than even gold or silver or stocks and bonds. There is the risk involved with Bitcoin investing, but as long as you get in at a good price that risk goes down allot. I am not saying dump the 401k you have into Bitcoin that would be a significant but calculated risk. A risk some would consider¬†more of a gamble if you will but spending $500 to $1,000 in Bitcoin when it’s low is smart because you can earn 25-30% in a matter of hours or days depending on how fast Bitcoin rebounds.

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