Bitcoin Theory In World View

Bitcoin is a theory that some people think will fade with time Bitcoin will go places no one will anticipate if I were to say Bitcoin is next world currency some people would say its impossible but the world is ready for real change and this will be shown by people investing in Bitcoin.

The world needs a currency that isn’t controlled by corporate banks and people who just print out paper and say it has value. Bitcoin works in the way money should and allows people to control the price I’m sure that you can see why people have used and invested Bitcoin so heavily while stocks become unhealthy investments for all but the savviest consumers.

When people go to work they want stability and a way to earn money what they don’t realize is that the money they are earning is just printed out randomly by a government and this money is used to enslave people and control an entire civilization while the top dogs just lavishly live and control all of the people they pretend to represent.

This is the case for most countries in the world and most people don’t even realize it I am making this article in hopes you will see the truth and that Bitcoin is a chance at freedom from oppression and slavery. If you want to make a living I know you have to work but put some of that hard earned currency into Bitcoin so you will have a way out if the market collapses or your country decides to devalue your money or put you in debt with that nations currency investing in Bitcoin will bring you hope for your future and more freedom then you would have otherwise.

All and all I see this as a world view or at least a potential world view that would help millions of people worldwide so take the time to think about this prospect and decide if investing in Bitcoin could help you have a more secure future.

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