Bitcoin Saves Lives Literally For Girls Worldwide

Bitcoin like the United States dollar is a currency and is often a way to people kidnappers for ransom requests. I came across this story where a man lent a friend money to get their daughter back from a kidnapper. The girl who was only 15 years old and the kidnappers said if the father didn’t pay the ransom that they would start cutting off limbs.

Here is a post on Reddit where I found out about this:

If this many didn’t have the Bitcoin, he wouldn’t have been able to lend his friend the money to get their daughter back. Of course, I have been thinking of how this would make me feel if I was the father of the 15-year-old girl. My thoughts are what I think I would be feeling: Scared my daughter would lose a limb, angry that kidnappers took my daughter, and sad as her father didn’t have a good government or watch the girl that I raised up to this point to keep her safe.

One may seem like a joke to you but kidnapping and ransoms are very real, and if you have not ever heard about any I would be surprised. Although the only time I have ever heard of a kidnapping has been in a movie and this post on Reddit, I must admit.

Here are the statistics of kidnapping and ransom worldwide:

One of the biggest problems is people have to pay this money because police aren’t doing a good enough job, and apparently kidnappers are making more than 1 billion dollars a year so it is the large companies the kidnappers are doing and should be shut down by increased enforcement on them.

The next thing that scares me is the organ trafficking while that isn’t talked about that much either put yourself in a homeless man’s shoes let us say in India. You have no food and want to sell your organ which may or may not be legal and do so now you could be sick and die from doing so but had no choice because you are homeless. While this may seem like a fair idea to some people but let us think of another scenario what if you were a homeless guy in India and you had your organ stolen from you by a gang what could you do? You could report it to authorities but what if you were dying from the body┬ápart loss. Or worse yet what if you could do nothing because the organ that that has stolen from me was the heart, and you died right after this is an amazing thing that this happens worldwide the kidnapping and organ trafficking, but at least Bitcoin was able to save one life of a 15-year-old girl.



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