Bitcoin Casinos Strive For Provably Fair What About BTC Poker?

Within the Bitcoin user base there are a large number of gamblers and the gamblers usually expect a Bitcoin casino to be provably fair but what I have noticed is that Bitcoin poker rooms such as do not have this provably fair system in place and I am wondering why is this not the case.

Personally I like the provably fair option because it proves there is no cheating going on by the gaming operation but poker rooms for Bitcoin have seemingly been getting the pass on having to implement this feature.  I personally wouldn’t gamble or at least not often at a Bitcoin casino that wasn’t provably fair because if it is not there is no way to figure out if I am being cheated out of my hard earned currency or not.

I must however admit that I do play at online Bitcoin poker rooms that have no documentation of being provably fair and I wonder why I let it slide when the same cheating that could happen at a rigged Bitcoin casino can also easily happen at a Bitcoin poker room. BTC poker rooms seem to give off the feeling that you should be happy you are able to play poker and not worry about it I do not think this is helpful.

There are endless stories including my own about crazy hands in Bitcoin poker were people get the sickest beats of their lives daily not just once in a lifetime. This brings me to believe that Bitcoin poker rooms such as are using the “random cards” to bring in more rake as well as possibly house bots taking the Bitcoin from anyone who deposits so the BTC poker establishment can make even more Bitcoin for themselves.

What do you think about the lack of transparency in current Bitcoin poker rooms? I also play at PokerStars and there I play for forum currency and don’t run into the sickest beat of my life every day every time I deposit but anytime I have played at I will have an amazing hand for example recently I played for 30 minutes I flopped a full house with 3 kings and 2 aces on the flop, I think I am going to take it down of course and go in for 0.05 which was my current stack and I slow play it and then the other player which of there was only 2 others playing at this point even before the hand as well had 3 aces and then the two kings.

This means all aces and kings were in play in this hand while this can happen it is not probable and I did in fact feel cheated by I have got over getting mad as this is something I have come to expect with which is why I don’t play there that often. Have you had a similar experience at a poker room? Do you happen to know the odds of such a hand happening with the hand you had and then lost to?

Bottom line Bitcoin poker rooms need to bring the fairness to the table or be avoided just as Bitcoin casinos are at least that is my opinion on the subject.

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