Bitcoin Alternative Litecoin

Bitcoin is possibly the most famed of any coin to date, there is one that moves up with BTC and for that reason, I think Liteoin would be one of the greatest coins to work with when investing or shopping online.

The reason I like Litecoin for investment is the cost per Litecoin is at less than $100 and Bitcoin was only at $300-$400 and even as low as $250 not too long ago.

Litecoin has the will to take off too and people don’t even realize the opportunity they could be wasting like investing some in Litecoin and a year or two later buy a house as long as Litecoin makes it anywhere close to what Bitcoin has in the last 2 years.

When you are going to invest remember there is going to possibly a lower in investment meaning money lost so don’t put all the money unless you are sure you researched and know about what other coins there is too figure out that might yield more of a reward then LTC.

One more word don’t like scammers take your money on Ponzi schemes and make sure the  cryptocurrency is going to be the right fit for your investment portfolio


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