Will Cryptocurrencies Survive

I have been writing on this subject for some time so I would like to give all my readers what I believe are about the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies being worked with online. There is good and bad to everything so I thought I would share with you the amount of bad and good coming from me throughout my work in cryptocurrecy.

Since we are working now lets go with the “cons” first:

  1. People get confused and lose wallet addresses which causes them to lose the currency that they have.
  2. Scams there are more and more scams growing daily as cryptocurrency grows more known and known.

Now that we got those 2 out the way I would like to share with you the “pros” of cryptocurrency as well. So here we go:

  1. The first pro to cryptocurrency is that it could be a national bringer of money to the people have no money but have to work in other countries with don’t have the money but trade with other means.
  2. The possible ban of cryptocurrency online and the world, this I would have to say is the most problematic possible happening.

Now you see a few reason cryptocurrencies are a good or bad decision so I would advise to not to invest right away in the country that you are in because you never know when this is going to be great or if this is going to be hard on the wallet.

This neat list was fun to create for everyone if you ever have an idea for a post I would love to make one here that people say just contact me here by comment. Beyond that I am going to be making several other great posts for you to read and hope you have fun here and learn to what you should know about the news from me the Cryptocurrency Dude.

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