Sugar Pop 3D Bitcoin Slot

The Sugar Pop 3D Betcoin.Ag slot machine plays where if any of the candies are in a particular order like below if they are in those orders and touching they will pop, and you will be awarded credits depending on the candy and how many there are depends on the reward that you will get for getting that lined up. These orders below are the ones where the candies will pop:

Beyond the typical candies that will pop there are special candies that will pop too sometimes, but these “special candies” in this slot machine game will only do their action after all of the regular candies have popped.

The chance to get the double win on this slot machine is higher in my opinion because when the candies pop more candies replace them, and it gives you more chances to win.

Another cool feature of this 3D bitcoin slot machine is that you can even level up. Leveling up will bring more features of the game and possibly higher payouts and more special candies to be able to drop so don’t give up on this bitcoin slot machine right away.

To sign up to just click one of the banners above or below this post and you will deposit right away and get started and try this bitcoin 3D slot machine or one of the many other games that are there for you to check out at

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