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Recently a very lovely player Girlscout gave me two mBTC, and I lost it with QQ vs. 99. I had the QQ, and 99 got a straight which was horrible luck for me. But then Girlscout sent me enough mBTC for the Micro Bankroll Builder so I could play and I gladly accepted as I love to play online bitcoin poker.

So in this thread I will be covering the Micro Bankroll Builder At my play anyhow I will post hands I play that make me go up not all but some and my bust hand.

Look forward to sharing this experience with the poker community and this is all because Girlscout was generous enough to give mBTC to me. To join in on the poker fun click the Betcoin.Ag banner located above or below this post.

Update 4:54 am: Guy was pushing the whole game I call A6 he has AQ Q flops game over. 🙁

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