Smashing A Freeroll and Won

Decided to hit some tournaments and won this:


It got me to a $10 tournaments of the Venom Series of games playing on I personally like this place to play some tournaments and cash games the status of my play usually puts me at the end of tournies meaning I make it down to the final table or close for very long.

I’m considering playing poker more often but been playing slots which have really been fun. I’m thinking of what else types to play poker so what you guys think? I sort of like +6 Texas Holdem.

I almost beat a new tournament at the same time as I won this I made FT but then a few donks were kickin’. I hate when that when your just trying to knock some low stacks and them going all shut gone on every hand to take blinds from the other players as well as my blinds.

Wild-Storm of ideas flowing for me and I am having so much fun updating which is what I will do for fun. If you want to play with me at

I hope you play the different pokers because it is great fun games around and there are many forms of cards that you can bet on most online casinos and poker rooms Running hot gonna go play some more poker but really running hot is a saying style so I must go back to the eating these fish cause I like chip stacks.


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