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The price of Bitcoin changes from day to day the best way to stay up-to-date with it is to go into a Bitcoin wallet like one at and look at what the current Bitcoins that you own are valued. The price of Bitcoin can move up and down before it was around $200 now it is at $240 that is a major increase and that is why I don’t write the exact price of Bitcoin here only the round about number. You can Google what does 1 USD equal in Bitcoin, and that will also tell you what a Bitcoin is currently going for although I am not 100% sure that it is going to be correct all the time because not sure how frequently it updates.

Several factors can make or break price of Bitcoin. One thing that can bring up price is good news about Bitcoin like more stores accepting it Google paying for it. Other good news like that doesn’t worry if there is no good news this week as long as you are having Bitcoin and buy at a low price you will be on a right road to making allot of money with Bitcoin. For example, last week, the Bitcoin was at around $140 now at $240 so if you bought when it was at $140 you would have made $100 per Bitcoin that you purchased. That is a sound investment that is why I always recommend keeping an eye on Bitcoin prices, and when it goes low you need to buy it up and when it goes high sell it off and wait for it to move back to going low again.

Many investors already buy/sell/mine Bitcoin, but you can also be one of these investors. These investors do make money out of this digital currency, and everyone wants to make money but as the old saying goes you got to spend money to make money so invest in Bitcoin, and you will start to see a return right away as long as good news keeps coming out about Bitcoin.

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