MIT Tries To Become Authorities Of Bitcoin

MIT, which stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have been doing some research and possibly development into Bitcoin and ways to control and add features to the network. Now I wonder who is funding this and who decided MIT could have a hostile takeover effect on the Bitcoin network. At first, it seems like it probably is private corporation banks and such enacted but it could also be the United States government we will leave that question alone, but this won’t be my only article about MIT Chain Anchor project if this group continues its activities inside the BTC community.

So the whole goal of the MIT Chain Anchor project is almost in the name they want to anchor identities into every Bitcoin wallet. That is not the only thing Massachusetts Institute of Technology is trying to add to Bitcoin but also “permission groups” which sounds like moderators and why would moderators be needed for the Bitcoin network when no one is supposed to be in control.

This kind makes me mad that MIT would think they could just poke their head in the Bitcoin world and change it to whatever their liking is. Bitcoin is not a company and not controlled by any one person while there are miners that China has are abundant that does not mean that is the way it is always going to be. Of course, MIT Chain Anchor is not needed and will be shunned by the entire Bitcoin community.

I don’t see a legitimate reason to force an add of name and address and phone to a project that doesn’t require it. For example, you don’t see MIT doing this to internet games where people are playing with no name no nothing. I am sure someone has put MIT up to this, and it is probably central banks or government but we will, of course, find out in the future, and I will report on who is behind this intrusion into the Bitcoin network.

The punishment for the people that would not go with MIT Chain Anchor would be disclusion from having your Bitcoins mined which brings me to the story of the people involved with MIT Chain Anchor are reportedly bribing Bitcoin miners to join them so they can gain more foot in the Bitcoin world. Of course, that kind of shady action won’t fly with Bitcoin users who pride themselves on the freedom and anonymous features of Bitcoin I wouldn’t be surprised if someone DOX the people behind it soon.

What the Bitcoin community needs is people who will help expand transactions that can go through and faster confirmation times we don’t need a nanny making us wear name tags. What would be the reason to accept MIT Chain Anchor there isn’t a good one.

Here are some of the slides from project MIT Chain Anchor:













As you can see from these appalling sides, the “trust” company sure doesn’t trust us too much. I hope someone gets more information than the stuff they are releasing as even the stuff they are releasing has a confidential message at the bottom which meant before it came to light there was never a plan to share it with us.


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