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mBitCASINO.com is a great place to gamble in my opinion. If you decide to give this place a visit, I suggested trying out the FruitZen slot machine I had super luck on it and did quite well with my 25 welcome bonus spins. Yeah, you could get 25 bonus spins just for signing up free without a deposit. That is not all they also offer 100 spins when you make your first deposit!

I am soon going to be playing more at mBitCASINO.com as it was a fun experience, and I felt I had good luck there. So when I feel the machines are hot of course, I am going to stay to play a little longer. I got on 25 spins 20 mBTC which was great considering my bet was small on the free spins.

If you are looking for a free no deposit bonus then this is the place to get one but if you are looking for a fun place to double or triple the BTC you currently have then I would also still recommend mBitCASINO.

Not everyone has the same luck at every casino but at other casinos, I have felt the machines were cold yeah I know they are on the same network possibly, but it’s just a feeling not a prediction or statement of fact.

The other slot machine I have done well at with another casino is Rooks Revenge, so if you feel like FruitZen isn’t the machine for you although it paid me quite nicely then you should try Rooks Revenge. For those of you that don’t like slots, there are also live dealer games as well as table games that don’t have live deals so you can check those out as well.

Most Gamblers play slots from one time to another so go ahead and try out what you enjoy but try it out at mBitCasino as it is a great casino with fantastic bonuses. Bitcoin Spies wouldn’t steer you wrong I had a good time there as I am sure you will enjoy the free spins!

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