JonnyRocket Stake Thread Or Scam?

Well, JonnyRockets aka Dpad is doing a staking thread offering 50 stakes for members of the Betcoin.Ag community and people who once hailed Jonny to get banned from for pretending to be staff and lying constantly and consistent scams are now begging for a stake from this guy.

Here is the post where JonnyRocket aka Dpad says he will give out 50 stakes to players, but it seems he is only picking his friends and people that he knows. So why make a thread about it the first place? I mean if you are just going to give out stakes to people you know there is an IM system for that several that are actually in place one of them is called Skype, hell you may have heard of it.

What I think is funny is the statement made by Jonnyrocket aka Dpad that he very well knows he has wrong people and is “trying to make up for it,” well Jonny here is a message from Bitcoin Spies if you want to make things right pay back all the scams you did. Yeah, the scams where you pretended to be a Betcoin.Ag staff member or the other scams that I don’t eve know about that is what would make it right not just handing stakes out to your friends.

I thought I would make this post bring attention to the Betcoin.Ag community and the community of Bitcoin that people can change but with this kind of behavior it is unlikely that Dpad has changed at all just trying to look good to the community who wants him out of the community.

I wonder if any stakes will even go out, many members believe that it is just an attention thread, and it could very well be just a well-laid scam to get people to be nice to him and stake him so they can be staked by him as well. Only time will tell.

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