Interview With TuxedoMaskPoker At Betcoin

This will be an interview with TuxedoMaskPoker from and we will be going over questions that I think about and that is going to be fun let us get started here is the interview:

What is your favorite poker game?

TuxedoMaskPoker replies Holdem with  PLO coming a close 2nd.

Holdem with  PLO coming a close 2nd.

What would you tell people just getting into poker to play? Hold’em? Omaha? Or something else?

TuxedoMaskPoker replies:

Holdem as it is very easy to learn while pot limit Omaha is a game of more action and fun in my opinion.

Me: In the end TuxedoMaskPoker suggests Holdem, which is also known as Texas Holdem for new players.

What is your best win on a tournament or in a cash game in value of mBTC?

TuxedoMaskPoker says that his biggest win was on December 2nd and here it is:

This $3,309 prize in BTC currently equates to:

That is 8,626 mBTC that is one hell of a prize and TuxedoMaskPoker won it on the WPN network.

Which is Bitcoin poker room is your favorite?

TuxedoMaskPoker replies:

My favorite is Betcoin do to the amazing VIP Program and the chat room. It’s a good community that you can chat and tell everyone when your deep and they cheer each other on.

Would you like to eventually or do you now play poker for a living?

TuxedoMaskPoker replies:

I think eventually once I own my own business and did not have a 9-5 im obligated to I will play more for a living since I will not have time constraints.

Final question what makes poker the game for you? Why not Blackjack? Craps? or Casino War or another type of gambling game?

TuxedoMaskPoker replies:

I feel in poker you kind of control your destiny and outcome. It is more a strategy game as you have to adjust to different stack sizes and player types. Winning a tournament feels just as good as beating a video game as you are the last man/woman standing.

Here is a picture of TuxedoMaskPoker in the flesh:

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