How To Send Bitcoins

How to send Bitcoins is a question asked by many people just getting into Bitcoin. The way you send Bitcoins is by having a Bitcoin wallet and going to the send Bitcoins section or send BTC and put in the Bitcoin wallet address you want to send to put the amount. Don’t forget that there is a fee for transferring in most cases it is usually 0.001 so when moving Bitcoins keep this cost in mind.

One thing to note when sending Bitcoins or asking the question how to send Bitcoins is that Bitcoin sending cannot reverse. So if you want to send Bitcoins to make sure you are putting in the right address, so the person or company sending Bitcoins actually to get the Bitcoins and you do not lose the Bitcoins by sending them to the wrong Bitcoin address.

Now that you know how to send Bitcoins you should want to know how you can earn Bitcoins and I will gladly inform you how to do so. One of the ways to earn Bitcoins is to go to Bitcoin faucets you can find some faucets here in the Bitcoin faucet category I will be adding more all the time so you can find all of the free Bitcoin you can handle.

Free Bitcoin is hard to come by sometimes, but I have found many ways to gain free Bitcoins you can look at this website for many ways to find free Bitcoins. When trading for Bitcoins for services is one more way to earn Bitcoin. If you can write articles or do web design, you have a method to gain Bitcoins. The website in which I suggest you promote these services is it has a good member base just make sure you get paid for the work that you do as there are some scammers on



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