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With a slew of Bitcoin Casinos out there, is one of the few that has games that are provably fair. Having odds, that are fair and explained are excellent at

Wonder what games are at this casino? Well, at there are four different types of gambling games. One type is the slot machine another kind is the very popular dice game which has a rain bot which gives Satoshi to its players who are active in chat. The last two types of gambling games available at are Blackjack and Lotto.

Beyond the provably fair aspect there are other reasons to play at one of the reasons is it doesn’t only accept Bitcoin it allows some other popular Altcoins like Dogecoin and Dash. So if you would like to gamble at and don’t have any Bitcoin but have some of the other Altcoins that they allow people to bet through this website then go ahead and test your luck.

There aren’t many Dash or Dogecoin casinos that I have noticed and to allow players the freedom to play with a proper number of coins is a great reason to go on over to and check it out today.

You also don’t have to worry about spammers or beggars in chat as at they have a vast number of staff mods who seem to be online around the clock. Not all casinos even police their chats and often there is begging combined with spam, but this is something that you will not have to worry about at

I have never had much luck at dice, but it is sure a fast way to increase your BTC if you are good at it. I know some people have run little amounts of BTC into grand amounts of BTC by playing dice if you are one of those people then it would be silly not to check out because they have a provably fair system that will allow you the chance to play dice and win.

One game I have wanted to try at is the Lotto. The Lotto that is because there are a  big prize and some people enter, and I like my chances taking down a big prize without it being instant to know if I won or lost something aI can come back to later and see if I won is fun for me. Some people like instant gratification, but I like to have something to save for later at times.

To people looking to gamble with Bitcoin, Dash or Dogecoin or one of the other coins that can be wagered with at I would urge you to check it out today. Fun to play games at a new place, and it is smart to play games at a place like because the games are provably fair. So go ahead and click here —> and sign up and start having fun at today! If you don’t would like to come back here to Bitcoin Spies after you play a little and let me know how the experience was for you.

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