Kind Of Shady

You know those excellent deposit bonuses you see online? Yeah me too! But the thing is has a little-hidden feature about its deposit bonuses. If you choose to play there after finding this out that is fine, I just thought my readers should know. If you don’t click “enable” on your first deposit, you won’t get a bonus.

Of course, some people think that is ok, and ¬† thinks it’s okay. Although if it’s your first time trying out the website and getting to the deposit page, and you don’t see which I didn’t the Enable button that allows you to enable a bonus promised to you by the website I don’t call that fair at all. This bitcoin casino is one of the first online Bitcoin casinos I got on, and I just went back by searching Bitcoin casino on Google. Then I get here notice I have a deposit thereof 31 mBTC which to by their rules get 100% of the deposit I made back. Expecting a long lost bonus then contacted support to get it, and they said “Sorry we can’t retroactively give you the gift” and also said, “The deposit amount must be intact for us to credit the bonus.”

I think one you shouldn’t be tech savvy and all knowing like expects you to be when signing up for their Bitcoin casino. I wouldn’t suggest going there as if there are that many loopholes inside of their promotions system there probably allot more I haven’t found out about yet. Instead, I would suggest trying a different online gambling site that doesn’t mess over its customers on technicalities. When I contacted for example, and asked about my 1st 2nd deposit bonus, not at the time of the deposits or was the deposits still in my account, they still credited me. While so if you want a cool place to gamble then try or another online casino that would be fun to play don’t get tricked by

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