Bitcoin Lead Developer Calls It Quits

There is an old saying that quitters never win, and winners never quit I guess one of the lead developers of Bitcoin hasn’t heard that yet. Recently Mike Hearn has said that Bitcoin has failed, now I am here to disagree with this Bitcoin is at its highest point in years and Bitcoin is being accepted more and more by big and small business so how has it failed?

Hearn said because some transactions won’t be able to be handled through the current system is why it has failed. Let me be the first to say that why not just upgrade the existing system to do more transactions than it is doing now? In other words of course but that is what he said.

So since the problem of Bitcoin not being able to handle some transactions can be easily fixed why has it failed? Quick answer it has not failed at all and Hearn must have just decided or been paid to say this to stop the rise of Bitcoin.

Nothing will stop the rise of Bitcoin as it is the most popular online currency that is not government backed. So let us just all say that Bitcoin will be around for years to come and of course news like this will drive the price down for a moment but the price I believe will continue to rise with more and more companies and persons getting into the Bitcoin community.

You should help the Bitcoin community if you are a developer as there apparently is a  new job opening for a lead developer for Bitcoin or so it would seem. Spread the word about Bitcoin although most people have already heard about it spreading the word will always help the cause.


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