Bitcoin Exchange Rate

The Bitcoin exchange rate is something that goes up and down all the time understanding the Bitcoin exchange rate is important and why it goes up and down. It goes down when there is bad news about Bitcoin that scares people into dumping their Bitcoins. For example, the “Silk Road” Trail was bad news because a drug dealer who uses to sell drugs for Bitcoin got shut down. Not overall that wouldn’t make much of a difference, but it does because its bad PR.

Now that the news of Bitcoin drug dealers losing ground and losing Bitcoins is over people are realizing that it is a good time to get into Bitcoin and an excellent opportunity to earn with Bitcoin. More people every day are working to get money from Bitcoin. It is also true that transactions are an all time high while prices are beginning to rise steadily again. So keep a look out for the Bitcoin exchange rate the current exchange rate for 1 Bitcoin is $227.59 up from $203 just earlier last week.

That shows you that this is a good investment it is at a level right now, and it will be higher in the future. You need to know what good investment is and 10-20% on top of your money for a few days well I would have to say that this is a sound investment to deal. Don’t be fooled with other online currencies the one that stands to rise the most in 2015 is Bitcoin it has been around for years and is there to stay. Life, Freedom, Bitcoin!

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