Bitcoin Difficulty

What is Bitcoin difficulty? Well, Bitcoin difficulty is the actually the measurement of the difficulty level of how hard it is to find a “hash.” The entire Bitcoin system has the same Bitcoin difficulty. All blocks of Bitcoin will have a hash under the target difficulty. The difficulty changes per 2016 blocks and can make it harder to mine Bitcoin. The harder is to mine Bitcoin the more the Bitcoin will be sought after because people will be looking to gain Bitcoin and it will take more electricity to be mining it.

A Bitcoin mining pool has difficulty as well, and it is unique to that pool that you are working. Depending on what share you get will depend on what difficulty level that you can get. When thinking about Bitcoin and its difficulty, it is important to remember that the most difficult it becomes to get Bitcoin the more people will try hard to get the Bitcoins. Each time a Bitcoin block is solved 25 BTC to the people who answer it, and that is around $5,000 which is many Bitcoin for any one person.

The current difficulty of Bitcoin isĀ 41272873894.697, and it will change like I said above after 2016 blocks. It is important to know that, even though, the Bitcoin difficulty is not easy it is still worth the time to be mining Bitcoin and getting money for the Bitcoin as well. Don’t like the Bitcoin Difficulty? Well, you have to deal with it if you are a Bitcoin miner.


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