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A Bitcoin address is a way you send and receive payments from a Bitcoin wallet. When you want to get payments you look inside the Bitcoin wallet you have and find the Bitcoin address, it is on the first page usually. Then give it to whoever is sending you a payment, and then the other person sending the Bitcoin payment sends the Bitcoins to that Bitcoin address, and it send to you and it will show up in the Bitcoin wallet you have right away.

To ship Bitcoins, you get the Bitcoin address of the person you need to send to then and the BTC amount will go the proper location. When sending fees, you can choose what tax amount you want while 0.0001 is a good amount to send higher the price faster the send. Don’t share the Bitcoin address you have with people unless you are going to be getting a payment because there is no reason to. Of course with a Bitcoin Address in most cases you are also able to look up what transactions have been done with that Bitcoin address so if you are trying to keep that private then there is also no need to share your Bitcoin address publically.

With a Bitcoin address, you can do many things as mentioned. One of this stuff is sending Bitcoin another gets Bitcoin. Enjoy the Bitcoin address you have and save it so you never lose it. One thing I recommend for newbies is to email yourself the Bitcoin address, so you have it whenever you need it.

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