Big Action On Betcoin 10/20 mBTC PLO

Currently covering some more morning action some ten mBTC / 20 mBTC action at a  Pot Limit Omaha table Bitcoin Spies will be covering these games from time to time. I am personally rooting for Calvin but let us see what happens here is what the stacks are now:

Will update this blog post with major hands let us see how the action unfolds!

Update 11:01 – 600+ mBTC pot here is who the winner is:

Update 11:03 – Calvin loses a 1+ BTC pot to guess who RoulletteKing:

Update 11:05 – Another big pot 600+ mBTC for RouletteKing here is the hand:

Update 11:09 – Calvin loses a 3 Bitcoin pot or 3,000 mBTC to RouletteKing here it is:

Update 11:14 – Another 1 BTC pot for RouletteKing!

Update 11:16 Р2,600 mBTC pot taken from RouletteKing by theschrutedog here is the hand:

Update 11:24 РCalvin loses another big pot to theschrutedog:

Update 11:25 – Calvin wins a big pot off RouletteKing:

I went for smoke and by the time I got back it was heads up, so I am done following this action, for now, good game everyone!

To get in on this action sign up through one of the Betcoin.Ag banners in this action sign up through one of the Betcoin.Ag banners above or below this post.

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