Best Cryptocurrency In My Opinion

It is hard to say best when you like something but I am going with Bitcoin all the way the cryptocurrency BTC which means Bitcoin calls forth a ton of new cryptocurrency even the Litecoin it appears went off to go up like Bitcoin and Litecoin have similar name.

I have always liked when BTC was going down and people were saying that they thought Bitcoin would go down to $50 and now its almost $12,000 people seem to think this is a not mattering fact but it actually matters quite a bit cause I am and was thinking Bitcoin will go higher.

Don’t get me wrong I think that every cryptocurrency will hit a more grand height but I realize that there is a good way to call this untrue by some.¬† This would be a cool thing that grand height for certain cryptocurrencies but my thought is that all cryptocurrencies¬†will have to hit a mid ground level not just up and up forever.



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