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Now I do have an opinion, but I will tell you some facts about the two best bitcoin poker site online, and you decide to you which one is better. First, we will start this off with Seals With Clubs: Seals with Clubs has more game types than the rival Betcoin.Ag but the games are hard and mostly limit, so not much cash won at those kinds of games.

Secondly has 1 confirm deposits, which is not bad but almost standard for any casino or poker room. Now for the rival not only has a poker room with the games everyone knows how to play Betcoin.Ag has a casino, a sportsbook and a live casino area for players to get their gambling done.

Now the deposits on are also one confirmation, but the staff is nicer, the people are more helpful mostly and has never shut down to while SwC has shut down and has horrible staff and customer service only start a site like SWCPOKER.EU did with fewer prizes in their tournaments and less staff than a poker room should have.

Out of the information I provided you, you can decide which poker room is the best online bitcoin poker room or best bitcoin poker site for yourself. If you want to join as I won’t at the moment promote SWCPOKER.EU click the banner above or below this post and sign up.

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