All Signs Point To Craig Wright Being Satoshi

I thought this story was going to go different but let me share with you something that has happened a lead developer of Bitcoin Gavin Andresen now backs up the claim that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. Here is a part of a statement Gavin put on his blog confirming his belief of Wright:

With Gavin on board he isn’t the only one also John Matonis agrees that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto and here is why:

Now there are more bits of truth out there about this coming I am sure but what I would like to point out to all the internet skeptics that people on the internet will troll you no matter what and allot of people can fall for said troll so don’t feed the trolls.

There is 0 reason for lead Bitcoin developers and public news agencies to come out in agreement that Craig is Satoshi but they have. There has been proof slowly coming to people but as Gavin said it seemed like it was really hard for Craig Wright to show that he created Bitcoin publicly even just to him he seemed visibly shaken with his voice breaking at some points.

A good amount of people I see have clamored to the fact that this is all a scam, what these people must not realize you are calling not only Craig Wright a liar you are calling lead developers a liar or claiming they are stupid enough to not see Craig for what you think that he really is. Bitcoin developers are smart people and so are news agencies a news agency would rip Mr.Wright a new one if they found news proving he wasn’t Satoshi Nakamoto.

But instead the opposite has happened and Craig has been proving time and time again that he is the inventor of Bitcoin. Craig has also said that he is so happy that all of us decided to help Bitcoin grow and brought it to the level it is at today. I am sure there are many people are happy that Bitcoin was invented I am sure you could show a little more  courtesy to the creator this message is to those skeptics.

People believe all kinds of nonsense and I believe the strongest nonsense believed in the Bitcoin world is that Craig Wright is not actually Satoshi Nakamoto he has shown proof and with vouches from BBC and lead Bitcoin developers and future proof coming out the Bitcoin skeptics are going to be put down like a rabid dog.



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