Actions Against Bitcoin

The actions that could be taken on Bitcoin one day as well as every cryptocurrency that they could get banned by certain countries or all countries in a long enough time line. The problem with this issue is that it could be just instant happening and people will lose their money instantly in the market of cryptocurrencies.

There is another road possible on cryptocurrencies the road could be that countries continuing of allowing cryptocurrencies and it keeps getting stronger so we all have a fun way of spending USD or whatever form of cash you have.

One thing people need to find a fast way to purchase Bitcoin and other currencies that are crypto because people have the internet and expect instant ways for everything in this day of the internet age.

It is the way to get new money for all nations the cryptocurrencies and another way to earn money for governments that maybe didn’t have a ton of money to fund into more projects that they would like to. Funding school activities is hard sometimes but with the governments own coin for schools and parks or recreations it would be able to do more as it could be a way to donate while having coin to do so.

I just hope people and governments will find a way to get up and be happy with the cryptocurrencies because there isn’t a reason to not have it and it is already taxed in the United States of America and many other countries across the globe, so people are allowed to buy cryptocurrencies and sell with profits exactly like the NASDAQ and Dow Jones and at some point it really is doing that already.

My favorite for now of the cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin because after years and years it is still the best and that is great for BTC who will make sure it will remain that way with awesome projects for the network working it all out.




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