3 Cryptocurrencies That Do Well

This piece of Bitcoin knowledge is going to explain to you the reader what has happened to 3 cryptocurrencies and why this could mean not the ending but greatness happening in the cryptocurrency bank.

First to go with a bang is Bitcoin and here is what is good about Bitcoin besides the fact it’s running $10,000+ currently when last year it wouldn’t be worth much as it was it was around $260 not too long ago. What makes it go so good and a fact everyone should know about BTC/Bitcoin is that a time ago once someone bought a Pizza for 10,000 Bitcoins that is now a ton of money around 100 million dollars for the pizza, hope there was a good amount of sauce on there, right?

Litecoin is the next cryptocurrency I have known a good fact that once Litecoin is worth $40 and now it is worth $86 the last time I tried. When people don’t know about cryptocurrencies these people do not see the reason to get in on this great investment. A bunch of people techy or investors and people who just want to earn with Litecoin know but there is still a big way to earn $86 can turn to $1,000 or even $10,000 each like Bitcoin imagine that cash for just investing a small amount of money of $80 and change.

The 3rd one I will present to you is Ethereum is something that has been going great strides to earn alongside BTC. When you realize that Ethereum is going to be a big business that is going to help tons of money to people getting paid and soon other things for huge companies that is when I believe that there will be a major price jump in many cryptocurrencies.

Hope you liked these facts and hope it brought you further into knowing more about cryptocurrency.

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